On this site you’ll find instructions on how to mic various instruments, all excerpts from the Microphone Placement Guide found at the back of The Encyclopedia of Home Recording: A Complete Reference For The Home Recording Studio.

To get started, select the instrument you want to record from the list below or select one of the instrument categories in the menu above.

How to Mic a Vocalist
How to Mic a Vocal Ensemble
How to Mic an Acoustic or Classical Guitar
How to Mic an Electric Guitar
How to Mic an Upright Bass
How to Mic an Electric Bass
How to Mic a Drum Set
How to Mic a Violin or Viola
How to Mic a Cello
How to Mic a Trumpet or Trombone
How to Mic a French Horn
How to Mic a Saxophone or Clarinet
How to Mic a Flute
How to Mic a Piano


For information on stereo miking techniques or techniques to mic any instrument, see the Microphone Placement Guide in the appendices of The Encyclopedia of Home Recording.

To find out more about the the Encyclopedia of Home Recording, visit http://homerecordingbook.com.