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Do you ever wish you had someone who could answer all your questions about home recording?

The Encyclopedia of Home Recording puts those answers at your fingertips quickly and easily by explaining the tools, techniques, and terminology of the home studio in an easy-to-understand manner. This thorough guide is an ideal companion when learning audio recording and an indispensable resource for home recording enthusiasts of all levels.

Features of this unique home studio reference include:

  • Hundreds of alphabetically-organized entries covering every aspect of home audio recording
  • A special section on the basics of sound
  • Home recording studio setup guide
  • Microphone placement guide
  • More than 150 diagrams
  • Cross-reference notes to help you learn more
  • Practical tips and advice for improving your recordings

Improve your skills, your understanding, and your recordings with The Encyclopedia of Home Recording.

Now available in Trade Paperback or Kindle Edition.