How To Mic An Upright Bass

The desired tone for an upright bass will depend on the style of music being played. Common microphone choices are a large-diaphragm condenser mic or a large-diaphragm dynamic mic, usually in a cardioid pickup pattern. It is important that the mic chosen have a good low-frequency response.

Getting the right tone from an upright bass can be tricky, so it is important to take time to try different mic positions. Here are some places to start:

  • 6–12″ from the F-hole on the treble side of the instrument.
  • Pointed directly at the bridge from a distance of 6–12″.
  • The point where the neck meets the body.
  • Pointed at the fingerboard from about 1′ away. This position will not have a lot of body, so it is best used in conjunction with another placement.
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